The “Bones” 100th episode will flash back to one full year before the pilot took place and, as T.J. Thyne (Hodgins) explains in the clip below, we will see most of the characters meeting for the first time.

So, naturally, one of the show’s major concerns was hair. For some characters however, the concern was more complicated than for others.

“It’s very funny,” says Thyne. “There’s people that have written to me and said, if they just catch an episode, they always know what season it is based on the length of my hair.”
Indeed Jack Hodgins did have a lot of locks back in the day, so Thyne and series star David Boreanaz — who also directed the ep — spent quite some time deciding what to do about it. “There will be more hair for sure,” Thyne reveals. “Because it was a big fro when I did the pilot.”
As for the tone of the episode, Thyne assures us that it won’t be dark: “It’s very playful and fun and I think anyone that’s been actually with us the whole time, through these 100 episodes, will find it really charming. It’s got that ‘Bones’ quirk to it and it’s very fun. It’s neat to see how relationships developed and how the lab developed … even reading it, I found myself smiling … [but] there are some big surprises.” 

Big surprises, huh?

Anyone want to guess what those “surprises” may entail?

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Posted by:Korbi Ghosh