bones castle 500 'Bones' vs. 'Castle': Time for a TV show smackdown!You may have noticed that “Bones” and “Castle” have a few things in common: Passionate fans, grisly (but sometimes funny!) murder cases, leading men who previously starred on Joss Whedon shows.

Well, we did too. So much so that we decided it was time to inaugurate something we’re calling Zap2it’s TV Show Smackdown. We’ll take two TV series with similar themes, stories or characters and put them through a rigorous (and, OK, rather subjective) analysis of pros and cons. In this case, we examined the relative merits of Whedonverse alumni David Boreanaz (“Bones”) and Nathan Fillion (“Castle”), the chemistry between the shows’ lead couples, supporting characters and several other factors.

Who wins? Well, you’ll have to click on the link below to find out. But we’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments: In the battle between “Castle” and “Bones,” who comes out on top?

TV Show Smackdown: “Bones” vs. “Castle”

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