bones the science dude 'Bones': When science gets icky, it's alright to be sicky

Amazing! David Alan Grier made his “Bones” debut as Professor Bunsen Jude, “The Science Dude,” in an episode of the same name, and damn if it wasn’t just that.

Was the case that good? No, it was just a simple, non-hyped outing — the first that let us put aside the characters’ emotional baggage since sometime in April.

For the squints:

  • A dumpster is an awfully conventional spot for a “Bones” body, so it’s a good thing we were led to this one by a couple of lunatic hipsters rifling for rotten produce on what appeared to be the worst first date ever.
  • Brennan’s Palin-esque obsession with firearms has gotten so bad she didn’t even look at her partner when he was wrastlin’ with that unrealistically hot bounty hunter — not when there’s a free gun laying around.
  • Tutti, the body-sniffing dog, doesn’t make nearly enough appearances. Nor does her sassy Irish handler.
  • Watching Hodgins with Professor Bunsen Jude sort of has us hoping that in a post-“Bones” world, we might get a pseudo spin-off where T.J. Thyne pretends to be an actual scientist and performs experiments with kids. We’d totally watch. And so would our children.
  • Erm, as adorable as every moment of the last scene was, did anyone else notice that all of the extras were way too old to be that responsive of an audience?

For the shippers:

  • After three episodes of grueling, emotional rigor, “The Science Dude” was 100-percent free of anything remotely romantic. We’re surprised and kind of relieved. Our hearts were weary.

Brennanism of the week: Snap! Brennan didn’t even get the award for most memorable line of the week. That honor falls to Booth for asking, “Do you think that a potato gun and beanbag gun could generate the same Fig Newtons per square inch?”

So what did you think — the “Bones”-iest episode of Season 6 so far, no? Hope you liked it, because baseball will be keeping our beloved show from us until November.

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Photo credit: FOX

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell