hart hanson stephen nathan bones 320 'Bones': Will the Gravedigger's trial bring Brennan's letter to light?Nearly three years after the Gravedigger first hit “Bones,” fans will finally see her put on trial early next month.

But we still have one burning question: What the h@%! did Brennan (Emily Deschanel) write in that letter when the Gravedigger buried her alive and she thought she’d reached her end?

Korbi TV spoke with executive producer Stephen Nathan a few months ago and he was pretty coy about whether the infamous letter would make an appearance in the upcoming Gravedigger ep.

But we’re, uh, persistent.

So when we caught up with Nathan recently, we managed to glean a bit more information.   

“The Brennan letter…I don’t really want to say the Brennan letter comes up [in the Gravedigger episode],” Nathan tells Korbi TV in the video below. “Brennan’s experience in the car returns. Because we’re not finished with the Gravedigger, we’re not finished with that aspect of Brennan’s experience with the Gravedigger either.”

And it certainly seems like there is cryptic clue in there because creator Hart Hanson quickly added, “I wouldn’t even have told you that.”


Maybe the actual letter doesn’t appear, but Brennan reveals whom she wrote it to and what it said? Or maybe it will be ignored for a bit longer?

Take a look at the video, maybe you can pick up some hidden subtext…

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