Brennan-Zack-ep-100.jpg“Bones” fans were devastated when it was revealed nearly two years ago that Zack (Eric Millegan) was in cahoots with Gormogon, the serial killer who had terrorized the Jeffersonian gang for an entire season.

The fan-favorite character was subsequently shipped off to a mental institution and we’ve only seen him a couple times since.

The pain was slightly lessened when Zack later revealed to Sweets that he never actually killed anyone. But it’s been over a year and Sweets is still the only one who knows this.

Now, Zack will of course be back for “Bones” upcoming 100th episode, but he will appear solely in flashbacks. So, we want to know, is there any chance “Bones” would have Millegan return to wrap up this present-day storyline?

“There’s a hanging chad there,” creator Hart Hanson admits in the clip below. “A good show — which ‘Bones’ tries to be, what with hitting 100 episodes and everything — would not leave hanging chads. There’s any number of ways Zack could pop in and out.”

Of course, we asked him about this as Millegan listened in, which led to Hanson jokingly declaring his dislike for the actor.

It’s adorable. Take a look…

P.S. Since we talked with Hanson, we’ve learned that Ryan O’Neal (Max) will indeed be back for the 21st episode of the season. And executive producer Stephen Nathan has tweeted that Billy Gibbons (who plays Angela’s dad) and Ty Panitz (Parker) will be back for the finale.

Posted by:Marisa Roffman