tamara taylor bones 100th ep party 320 'Bones's' Tamara Taylor: Season finale is 'going to leave people wondering'Booth and Brennan are investigating a murder at a rock-and-roll fantasy camp on Thursday’s (April 29) episode of “Bones,” but frankly, Korbi TV is a little more excited about something else going down during that hour: The arrival of Cam’s boyfriend!

We caught up with Tamara Taylor (Cam), who gave us a bit of insight on how that relationship works out.

“Cam gets a love and it’s like love and loss,” she says in the video interview below. “Not the loss of love but you will see [what I mean when the season finale airs]. There’s not much more I can say. The season finale, it’s going to leave people wondering what happens next.”

So is Tamara wondering what happens next?

“The writers are always surprising me,” she says. “It’s interesting because I don’t know how they’re going to start Season 6. It’s really sort of curious and interesting. Wait until you get to the season finale … I think we cover a lot of distance between the 100th episode and the finale.”

Taylor also drops a hint regarding our favorite FBI agent, suggesting that he might not have the clean bill of health we think he does.

“There are allusions to Booth’s brain tumor still floating around, so that story hasn’t died,” she says. “So it’s going to be interesting to see. We know that you loved the 100th episode, it’s going to be interesting to see what you think about the finale.”

And what about its title, “The Beginning in the End”? How closely does this year’s finale parallel last year’s season finale, which was titled “The End in the Beginning”?

“Well, it’s interesting because anyone who’s paying attention is going to notice that there are nods to last season’s finale, but not what you think,” Taylor shares. “Just like quirky little silly nods.”

But more importantly, will the show’s heroes be happy when Season 5 fades to black? Watch the clip for TT’s answer …

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