200811110obamabush What does Michelle Obama's White House red dress say? A lot!

Bonnie Fuller, who knows a little something about fashion statements, thinks Michelle Obama made a great political statement with the bold red dress worn to her historic White House meet-and-greet with her husband, President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush.

On her Huffington Post blog, Fuller writes that the red Maria Pinto dress makes Michelle O the unsurpassed First Lady of The World.

“Hear me Carla Bruni-Sarkozy — you’ve been surpassed as a First Lady force in the news, and yes, even as a force in fashion.”

She also says the color choice screams that Michelle is indeed a patriot.

]]> “Whether she has an American flag tattooed to her forehead or not, there will be no further questioning of Michelle’s feelings about her country.”

Oh, and she’s powerful but not threatening.

There’s no coincidence that Michelle chose a dress, not a suit. Ever since she began getting criticized, like many smart working women, because she seemed “too strong,” Michelle has made The Dress her uniform.

But she won’t be as political as say, that pant-suited Hillary Clinton. 

“The red dress says she’s stepping into the First Lady role, even if she does revolutionize it. I predict she will be the most powerfully activist First Lady since Eleanor Roosevelt with her chosen causes, but with the inspirit-ability of another stylish mother of young children: Jackie Kennedy.”

Last but not least, she’s modern. Boy, this dress sure says A LOT, doesn’t it?

Fuller writes: “Modern enough to choose a dress with enough curve to flatter her pear shape. Modern enough to have the confidence to stand out in red. Modern enough to understand that one dress can speak to the American people, and make many, many crucial points.”

Don’t know that I agree on all points but I do agree with this assessment by Fuller.

“Expect Seventh Avenue to be knocking off this fabulous red number in milliseconds.”

What do you think of Michelle’s bright red dress?

Is there a hidden meaning? Is she the new First Lady of fashion?

And what about that other red (and black) dress worn on election eve?

I don’t know about you, but it’s gonna take me some time to recover from that one.

Photo: Associated Press

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead