bored to death movie hbo 'Bored to Death' feature film being developed by HBO

“Bored to Death,” how we’ve missed you over the past year. HBO pulled the plug on the Jonathan Ames series at the end of 2011, but apparently the show isn’t as dead as we once thought.

The Hollywood Reporter has learned that a “Bored to Death” feature film is in development at HBO that will reunite stars Jason Schwartzman, Zach Galifianakis and Ted Danson for another adventure. “Jonathan, Ray, and George reunite to fight crime, commit crime, lose their minds and fail at love in a ‘Bored to Death’ feature-length slapstick adventure,” reads the logline for the film.

Rumors of a potential “Bored to Death” movie started swirling in summer 2012, and Danson even gave away its planned premise during an interview with The Wall Street Journal at the GQ Gentleman’s Ball in October. There’s a good chance the film’s plot has changed in the time since that chat, but Danson’s synopsis gives fans a good sense of what they can expect when “Bored to Death” returns.

“I think Jason becomes a policeman, which means, for him, a traffic cop. He’ll have a traffic-cop go-kart kind of thing. And I think Ray and I move in together, both of us without relationships. And then: hijinks. All hell breaks loose. That’s about as much as I know,” Danson said. “Lord, yes, I’m onboard.”

Posted by:Terri Schwartz