kelsey grammer boss starz 'Boss' Season 2 first look: Kelsey Grammer achieves greatnessKelsey Grammer won the Golden Globe for Best Actor for his work in the first season of the new series “Boss.” Now he’s back for Season 2 with the line, “Greatness is something we can’t wait for. Greatness is something we achieve.”

This season, Chicago Mayor Tom Kane (Grammer) is dealing with illness in the way of many public figures. He’s downing pills. It’s not working very well for him. He’s having increased psychological manifestations of the disease. He’s also got to clean house. He’s now surrounded by strangers and has to act quickly to repair his legacy. No more Mister Nice Guy.

Check out the first look video for “Boss” Season 2 below and tell us what you think. Are you watching? Is Grammer blowing you away? “Boss” returns to Starz on August 17, 2012.

Posted by:jbusch