boss politics 'Boss': Talking politics with Kelsey Grammer and the castThere’s a reason “machine politics” is called that, and it’s not because everything runs smoothly all the time.

It also can grind people up, and that’s the subject of this behind-the-scenes look at “Boss” on Starz, which you can see only on Zap2it. Star Kelsey Grammer, other members of the cast and creator Farhad Safinia talk about the back-room dealings that help Chicago Mayor Tom Kane (Grammer) keep his grip on power.

“What it really concerns itself with is the way people behave toward each other [and] interact with each other when they try to get things from each other,” Safinia says in the clip. Cast member Jeff Hephner is more succinct: “It’s a dangerous machine.”

You can catch up on the first two episodes of “Boss” starting at 8 p.m. ET Friday (Nov. 4) on Starz, followed by a new episode at 10 p.m.

Take a look at the video:

Posted by:Rick Porter