bow wow gi Bow Wow abandons Twitter, still has something 'on his mind'We love when artists release singles with titles that can’t be used in headlines! Bow Wow, formerly Lil, has debuted his latest video for “S*** On My Mind,” in which he wonders why people hate him. Are they professional haters? Do they judge past actions? Do they dislike his drug-free lifestyle?

The world may never know.

In the lyrics, he laments the struggles of having a “baby mama.” Mr. Wow announced early this month that he is a new father via an open letter on his website. Now, he details the problems he has with the mother of his daughter. “I’m going out of my mind, I’m losin’ my head / Baby mama got me
stressin’, callin’ askin’ for bread / See I’m just lookin’ for peace, but
I’m s*** out of luck / Attitude is kinda crazy and I don’t give a f***.”


The rapper recently decided to abandon his Twitter account. He hasn’t deleted the verified username, but since deciding to leave, his Tweets have been links to articles and videos instead of personal musings or replies to fans.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie