While many would be upset to find their identity was being used to trick someone into an online relationship, especially if it was exposed on “Catfish: The TV Show,” rapper Bow Wow is not one of those people. After the most recent episode in the series, where a woman did just that to enter into an online relationship with another female, Bow Wow had something to say. 
In an effort to be creepier than anyone that has ever been featured on “Catfish,” Bow Wow says he was honored to be impersonated online, but says it’s impossible for anyone to truly pretend to be him. Why, you might wonder? “Just look at me,” Bow Wow says in a video he posted online. “You can’t impersonate this. These eyes. These ain’t contacts, you can’t buy these in your eyes to think that you’re Bow Wow.” 
He also cited his tattoos as a reason he can’t be impersonated, adding, “There can only be one. Not two, but one and that’s me.” He says being used as an inspiration for someone’s online personality is “dope,” because “in their mind they are you. It’s crazy.”
Bow Wow then went on to invite the person who was catfished, along with the woman who pretended to be him, to join him on an episode of “106 & Park,” a show he hosts on BET.

Posted by:Chris E. Hayner

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