eclipse trio 320 Box Office: 'Eclipse' proves vampires don't suck, but neither does 'Airbender'“Twilight: Eclipse” scored fantastic numbers at the box office… but not quite as fantastic as Summit expected. The phenomenon brought in an $82.5 million haul
over the holiday weekend, lifting its total to $175.3
million since its opening Wednesday.

The studio had previously estimated a haul of $181 million, but overshot the number of people who would head to the theater on the Fourth of July.

In second place was Paramount’s “The Last Airbender,” raking in $52.3 million despite almost universally
reviews. With $70.5 million total since its opening, it seems “Airbender” might defy everyone’s expectations.

The newcomers bumped “Toy Story 3” to a third-place spot, still with a cool $42.2 million for the weekend. With $301.1 million cumulatively, “Toy Story 3” is now Pixar’s second highest grossing film ever, behind “Finding Nemo,” which locked a total of $339.7

The complete top 10 is as follows, with four-day weekend totals followed by overall totals:

“Twilight: Eclipse”                 $82.5 M, $175.2 M
“The Last Airbender”            $53.2 M, $70.5 M
“Toy Story 3”                       
$42.2 M, $301.1 M
“Grown Ups”                        $26.5M, $85.0 M
“Knight and Day”                  $14.0 M, $49.3 M
“The Karate Kid”                   $11.5
M, $155 M
“The A-Team”                       $4.2 M, $70.3 M
“Get Him to the Greek”         $1.6 M, $57.8 M
“Shrek Forever After”           $1.2 M, $232.6 M
“Cyrus”                                 $1.0 M, $1.7 M

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie