sex and the city 2 320 Box office: 'Sex and the City 2' gets some midnight lovin'Midnight screenings of “Sex and the City 2” pulled in $3 million at the box office on Wednesday, priming the movie for a big opening weekend.

The estimated $3 million take is an improvement over the $2.5 million the first “SATC” movie made in opening-night midnight showings two years ago. It went on to make $57 million in its first weekend, and forecasters are predicting the sequel will surpass that, since it’s opening in more theaters and on a holiday weekend. (The first “Sex and the City” opened May 30, 2008, the weekend after Memorial Day.)

“SATC 2’s” big opening comes despite mostly savage reviews — as of this posting, it has a bottom-scraping 17 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, where at least two critics compared it to a chick-flick “Ishtar” — but that’s not going to matter much. Carrie Bradshaw and her girlfriends have a large and devoted fan base who are likely to turn out for the film regardless of what reviewers say.

The weekend’s other big release, “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time,” starring Jake Gyllenhaal, hits theaters on Friday.

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credit: Warner Bros.

Posted by:Rick Porter