knight and day 3 Box Office: 'Toy Story' wins again; 'Grown Ups' and 'Knight and Day' trail“Toy
Story 3”
has put another #1 weekend on the books, taking in an estimated $59 million on its second weekend in theaters. We’re guessing it won’t manage to hold onto the spot for long with “Twilight: Eclipse” looming on the horizon, but it easily beat the opening weekend of “Grown Ups,” which came in second with an estimated $41 million.

Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz got “Knight and Day” to the third slot, with $20.5 million estimated this weekend. At number four is “The Karate Kid” with $15.4 million, and “The A-Team” couldn’t break into the double digits, banking an estimated $6 million.

The Top 12 films grossed a total of $159.7 million, down significantly from last year’s $192.8 million at this time. Again, the “Twilight: Eclipse” boost next week will likely change that significantly.

Here’s the complete top 12, with weekend estimates followed by overall totals.

“Toy Story
3”                     $59 M, $226.5 M
“Grown Ups”                     $41 M,
$41 M
“Knight and Day”               $20.5 M, $27.7 M
“The Karate Kid”                $15.4 M, $135.6 M
“The A-Team”                    $6 M, $62.8 M
“Get Him To The Greek”    $3 M, $54.4 M
“Shrek Forever After”       
$2.8 M, $229 M
“Prince of Persia”              $2 M, $44 M
“Killers”                              $1.6 M, $9.1 M
“Jonah Hex”                     
$2.7 M, $27.9 M
“Iron Man 2”                      $1.3 M, $306 M
“Sex and the City 2”          $1.2 M, $93 M

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie