brad goreski Brad Goreski talks life after Rachel ZoeWithout Rachel Zoe, let’s face it, Brad Goreski would probably not be in the midst of filming his own new reality show for Bravo. The 34-year-old fashion stylist, who quit working for celebrity-in-her-own-right celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe (and her show “The Rachel Zoe Project”) in early 2011, is queuing up his own show, also for Bravo, called “It’s a Brad, Brad World.”

On Wednesday (Sept. 14), in the midst of fashion week, Zap2it chatted up Goreski at the Made in Polaroid charity auction New York. Goreski had a piece in the show . Here’s what he had to say (and, yes, we got the distinct drift that he didn’t want to talk about his former employer):

What did you think of Rachel Zoe’s Spring collection?  It was shown on Monday at the tents.

I didn’t see it.
What do you think of the new season of her show?

Haven’t seen it.
Have you met her son Skyler?

I have not.
Who are you styling these days?

I work with Jessica Alba who was just named one of People Magazine’s Best Dressed of 2011 so I’m very excited about that. I’ve worked with Demi Moore, Abigail Spencer, Rashida Jones. I’ve been shooting with InStyle, Details, I have a Black Book cover coming out. Working with J Brands, all kinds of stuff.
It must be great shopping for Jessica Alba, she’s so great and has a great body.

She’s awesome. It’s my job to reflect their personality and not impose a style on them. Jessica all ready has a clear and distinct style so I try to work within that and push the boundries. I’m so lucky that she’s my client.
When do you return to reality TV?

I have my own TV show. The release date is to be determined. It’s called it’s a “Brad, Brad, World.” It’s going to be on Bravo. It follows me starting out my business and my home life with my boyfriend. You’ll get to meet my family, my friends, basically the people I surround myself with, all amazing and interesting and it should be a fun, fascinating adventure.
What did you learn about yourself while filming the show?

In a weird way the show made my relationships with people stronger.
How so?

I don’t know, everyone who was on it, who participated in it, just had a great experience and I hope that when it airs people will get the joy out of it that I did and come along with some up the ups and downs that I experienced.
Who do you think are some really stylish Hollywood celebrities?

Ryan Gosling, Blake Lively, Emma Watson, Sarah Jessica Parker.
We’re going to name three celebrities and you tell us what you think of their style — Charlie Sheen:

He’s a button downs and khakis kind of guy. I did a button down and khakis look myself the first day of Fashion Week.

I’m obsessed with her. I love her so much. She’s a modern day Diana Ross — what’s not to love about her?
Lady Gaga:

I love what she wears and what she stands for. I love how she pushes the boundaries and tells people it’s okay to be who they are and how she engages with the audience.

Christy Smith in New York contributed to this report.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson