Brad Paisley has been making headlines this week with his duet with rapper LL Cool J called “Accidental Racist.” He explains on “The Tonight Show” that the video that was making the rounds was not made by either him or LL. He also says he hopes the song starts a dialog.

“I really trust my fans and the American people and smarter people than me on television to have this discussion … and maybe come up with the answers ’cause we don’t expect to get the answers in this song. It’s not perfect, but it is honest and comes from a good place,” says Paisley.

He adds that the backlash makes him really sad.

“I thought maybe it’d be an interesting conversation between country music and rap music, to deal with this subject between two individuals in a loving and understanding way,” says Paisley. “In the song, really what we’re trying to do is explore what happens when two people have a dialog.”

Paisley also says that he hopes something good can come from it and adds that his favorite response was a little girl who wrote to him and said, “I think [the song] means people can be friends no matter what they wear.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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