carrie underwood brad paisley gi Brad Paisley talks 'The Voice,' Carrie Underwood: 'Not cut out' to give adviceBrad Paisley is just not the judging type.

]]>opens up about his new album, family and pals Carrie Underwood and Blake Shelton in an interview with Us Magazine. Paisley admits that he hasn’t seen his buddy Shelton on NBC’s breakout hit “The Voice,” but already knows that he’d never consider a similar gig. “I would never do it,” he says. “I would probably hate it. I’m not cut out for that since I don’t enjoy making commentary and I don’t enjoy the process of evaluating other singers. I cringe when I hear a bad singer.” Continuing, “Compared to Blake, I am more afraid to say what I think.” Paisley isn’t one to throw his two cents in regarding personal matters, either. Take Underwood for example: Paisley and wife Kimberly have gotten close with the “American Idol” alum and her hockey hubby Mike Fisher, but when it comes to marital and parenting advice, Paisley says “It’s personal.” “I think the biggest advice I can give somebody is to pick the right person; but that’s not going to help somebody who is already married,” he explains of doling out relationship tips. “In the end, you’re either compatible or you’re not. Her and Mike seem great and 100% compatible. I think they’re going to be absolutely fine.” A father to two boys himself, Paisley adds that he has no idea whether the Fishers have discussed parenthood. “I don’t have any idea, it’s personal,” he says. “I only know bad parenting when I see it. You can’t judge, you know, you could do everything right and the kid still ends up being Charlie Sheen.”   Next time we’re seeking life advice, at least we’ll know not to give Brad Paisley a shout. Cause you know, we’ve got him on speed dial and all. You can check out the rest of his interview via Us.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci