With six kids, several homes, countless charities and successful movie careers, how

did Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie find time to design jewelry?

]]>Asprey03 WWD reports that the A-list stars have designed a line of gold and silver jewelry — the Protector — with the prestigious jewelry company Asprey inspired by … snakes.

The limited-edition collection be available at Asprey

stores in London, New York, Beverly Hills, Tokyo and Dubai later this week. 

So rush right out there, folks!

 Prices start at $525 for a silver baby spoon with a curving,

serpent-shaped handle. 

Then they go up and up. Net proceeds from sales will go to Education Partnership for Children of Conflict, a kids' charity co-founded by Jolie in 2006.


 So why the serpent theme? WWD says that, when she was pregnant with Shiloh, Jolie was given a snake-shaped ring.

Since that time, she’s considered the snake a talisman and protector of her family.

Go ahead, Team Aniston. Take your best shot.

BTW: Brangelina were spotted at the MOCA 30th anniversary bash featuring Lady Gaga on Saturday night. 

And she was wearing an Asprey ring. Snake? Hard to tell.

But check back for our inside report on taking the MOCA tour with Angie and Brad later this morning!

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead