How many homes do Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt need?

Apparently, a lot!

Even though they have a long-term lease on Chateau Miraval, a huge estate in France, the couple has just moved into a posh villa called the Palais Parkschloss, near Berlin.

They were in the French chateau for only five months before packing up their six children and moving them to the new pad on Wannsee Lake. Check out the photo below.

Berlin_brad_and_angelinaThe couple and their brood arrived by private plane last week. According to a source for People,  "Brad lifted the kids out of the plane and brought them to the transporter. I saw him lift out Shiloh and Zahara."

Why Berlin? Because Pitt, 44, will be filming Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglorious Bastards”  there, starting in about three weeks.

The family’s new temporary home is about 30,000 square feet and includes a boat dock and a helicopter pad.

Yup, that’s always what I look for in a short-term rental, a helicopter pad.

Do you think Brad and Angelina’s constant globe-trotting and moving from country to country for their film careers is good for the kids?

Seems like it might be a little unsettling and stressful, even with all their hired help. Not to mention the extra stress on all the international paparazzi who have to pack up and follow them!

What do you think?

In case you need a Pitt fix, here’s the new trailer for "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." It sure looks like Oscar bait for Brad.

Photos: WireImage

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead