ne nyg sb46 getty Brad Pitt, Arnold Schwarzenegger and others offer Super Bowl predictionsEveryone has their own opinion as to who will win Sunday’s (Feb. 5) Super Bowl between New England Patriots and the New York Giants. Odds makers have New England favored by three points. But as we all know, on any given Sunday, anything can happen.

Every year since 1986, Scripps Howard news service asks people from around the world of entertainment, politics and sports who they think will win the big game. It looks like the predictions are pretty much evenly split this year.

Here are some of the best comments. Who do you think will win?


BRAD PITT: “Oooh, that’s a tough one.”

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER: New England, 31-24. I can’t pick against my neighbor, especially when he is playing at such a high level. Tom Brady will be the Super Bowl MVP.

JENNA FISCHER: New England, 31-28. This pick is based mainly on the fact that my husband is from Dallas. We are Cowboys fans and we don’t root for the Giants. Unless we are rooting for them to lose! Go Patriots!

OCTAVIA SPENCER: New York, 27-24. It’s a rematch that’s sure to have a different outcome.


PAT ROBERTSON: New York, 27-23. I just think Eli Manning will be more comfortable in Indianapolis.

BILL O’REILLY: New York, 27-24. The Giants will be able to disrupt Tom Brady’s passing. The Pats can’t run the ball. Eli Manning will hit a few deep passes.

RACHEL MADDOW: New England, 31-27. Because the Lesser Manning is lesser. Adorable, and with such tiny hands! But lesser.

KEITH OLBERMANN: New York, 27-17. I was at (the Giants’) last loss and saw two things: a) the Giant defense, especially the line, was humiliated by its own work versus Washington and vowed to never let it happen again. And b) Eli Manning can now pretty much put the ball to within a foot of where he wants it.

LOU DOBBS: New York, 34-24. I think (Manning) and Brady are playing at about the same level, with an edge to Manning. Without (Patriots tight end Rob) Gronkowski, the Pats lose at least a touchdown of offense.  Go Giants.


DON RICKLES: New England, 28-14. I love Eli Manning, but under pressure, I have to go with Tom Brady.

PENN and TELLER: New England, 31-27. But, five minutes before kickoff, Rob Lowe announces Eli Manning’s retirement.

SCOTT ADAMS (cartoonist, “Dilbert”): New England, 28-21. I predict winners based on a literal interpretation of team names. In a fair fight, you’d expect a giant to squash a normal-sized patriot. But patriots are usually well-armed, so I’ll have to go with New England.

JOEL MCHALE: Broncos by 7. Even though they’re not in the game, Denver will show up unannounced and beat both teams at once. That’s right, 11 versus 22. Tebow will throw a last-second Hail Mary pass while saying a Hail Mary. Mary will then catch the pass for a touchdown.

: New England, 31-27. The difference is because of that quarterback, Tom Brady. He’s hot stuff. The whole season I’ve liked the Patriots’ linebackers. They really danced.


MAYA ANGELOU: New York, 20-7. The Patriots are terrible losers, which mean the Giants, who are great winners, have to work harder than usual —
and they will.

MAMIE VAN DOREN: New York, 21-7, because I love New York! Even though Brady is so cute.

ADAM WEST (TV’s “Batman”): New England, 21-17. It will be close and wrenching. Brady is on a record-breaking super roll. If his offensive line can keep up (its) great protection abilities, we know somebody’s pattern and luck downfield could pile up points.

BARRY WILLIAMS (Greg Brady on “The Brady Bunch”): New England, 31-17. As the seventh and youngest Brady, Tom is a classic and a winner.

SAN DIEGO CHICKEN, (Mascot): New York, 34-26. Their offense has the best hands in football, Eli’s come of age, their defense is hyper-agile fast, and Giants coach (Tom) Coughlin always seems to stymie (Patriots coach Bill) Belichick, who has only one victory against a winning team this year — barely over Baltimore.

Posted by:David Eckstein