brad pitt world war z Brad Pitt rescues extra on 'World War Z' set: As if we needed another reason to love Brad PittAdd “hero” to Brad Pitt‘s extensive resume… you know, if it wasn’t already on there. Pitt is currently in Glasglow working on the set of “World War Z,” the highly anticipated adaptation of Max Brooks’ zombie classic.

But Pitt isn’t so in-character that he couldn’t pause to help a fellow actor. When 700 extras were instructed to run — it’s a zombie movie, so what would it be without mass panic? — one woman was nearly trampled until a chivalrous gentleman paused amongst the chaos to pick her up.

Imagine her shock when she looked up to see that it was Pitt himself! We imagine that time slowed down… music swelled… fireworks lit up the sky in the distance… and then he put her back down so he could keep chasing fake zombies.

Sigh. Some girls have all the luck.

“He didn’t have time to speak to her as it was mid-shoot,” an onlooker told the NY Daily News. “But she
said afterwards how grateful she was, despite having a badly grazed

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie