brad pitt gi Brad Pitt: Why is he walking with a cane?Obviously we know everyone is terribly concerned for Brad Pitt, who was spotted walking with a cane in Beverly Hills on Thursday (Jan. 5).

It’s not research for a role, nor did he secretly get his hip replaced or something else crazy. He is injured though: A source tells Just Jared that Pitt tore his MCL, a ligament that helps stabilize the knee joint.

No word on whether Pitt will require surgery or how long he’ll need assistance walking, but we wish him a speedy recovery.
Now, on to the more important question: What’s the deal with the black jumpsuit? We know he’s hurt, but that’s no excuse to not wear pants. Come on, even sweatpants would be preferable!
The star is currently working on the film “World War Z” and prepping for awards season for his Golden Globe-nominated film “Moneyball.”
Posted by:Jean Bentley