bradley cooper crow 1 Bradley Cooper as 'The Crow': What might have beenSo remember when news broke that Bradley Cooper, star of “The Hangover,” “The Hangover 2” and the upcoming “Hangover 3D” (okay, we made that last one up, though a third film is reportedly in development), planned to star in a remake of “The Crow” playing the title role originated by Brandon Lee in 1994?

Yeah, well, it didn’t pan out, but thanks to Vulture, some leaked concept art about what Cooper’s character might have looked like leaked online over the weekend. And all we can say is, meet the Boy with the Dragon Tattoo. At least that was our initial reaction.

In one (above), Cooper sports a futuristic, yet retro mohawk that definitely calls Rooney Mara’s and Noomi Rapace’s Lisbeth Salander to mind. Also, Marilyn Manson on a particularly bad day. Or, umm, Bradley Cooper wearing his “My First Goth” Halloween costume.

We were more into this rendition of Cooper-Crow, who looks more like a Southern rock Gunslinger:

bradley cooper crow 2 Bradley Cooper as 'The Crow': What might have beenAnd, just for good measure, here are a few more looks at what might have been:

bradley cooper crow 3 Bradley Cooper as 'The Crow': What might have been

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson