Bradleycooper_290 Forget Wolverine: Green Lantern is suddenly the hot comic-book property of the summer, and he’s not even on movie screens. Not only is “Star Trek” star Chris Pine supposedly interested in the role, now the guys over at HitFix say “The Hangover’s” Bradley Cooper could be wearing that green power ring.

Want another complication? Sure ya do. Though neither star’s movie is in theaters yet, a sequel to each is already in the works.

Green Lantern is a DC Comics hero; the movie will apparently center around his earliest incarnation, Hal Jordan, a hotshot pilot recruited into a sort of interstellar police force. Jordan’s ring can create a green version of pretty much anything he imagines, though it’s useless against anything colored yellow. The hero’s name comes from his ring’s recharger, a green lantern.

Get all the rumory goodness from HitFix.



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Posted by:Andy Grieser