"All About Steve" star Bradley Cooper deflects a question from a People reporter about how fame has affected his life and what he looks for in a significant other. 

Yeah, nice try. Good luck getting Bradley to address those rumors about him dating Renee Zellweger or Jennifer Aniston or any other actresses you can think of.

But watch carefully. His "Steve" costar Ken Jeong manages to steal all the attention from Bradley with his hilarious asides.

But the real news is that Bradley is going to make "Hangover 2" and Sandra Bullock wants to be in it.

"I'm gonna hold you to that," Bradley warns Sandy when she asks whether she can have a role in it.

According to Bradley, they were talking about the second one during filming, and Warner Bros. wanted to make No. 2 before the first one even came out.

Will you go see "Hangover 2?" 

I'm totally there.

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