bradley cooper rumors Bradley Cooper rumors about dating Taylor Swift true? 'Never met her'

Now that Bradley Cooper and Zoe Saldana have broken up, rumors have been swirling about who he will date next. Some speculated that he would move on to his newly-single “Silver Linings Playbook” costar Jennifer Lawrence, but Cooper quickly squashed those rumors. Now Cooper is being attached to another blonde bombshell: Taylor Swift.

The report was started by Radar Online, which claimed that Cooper shot down Swift’s advances. “It was a little awkward for Bradley. Jennifer came to him and told him that Taylor was interested in getting together. He had to politely decline, knowing full well that Jennifer and Taylor are friends,” a “source” claimed.

Fortunately Cooper set the record straight fairly quickly when he caught up with Extra at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. “Crazy, never met her, that’s not even true at all,” he said. “That’s completely made up.”

For her part, Swift says she’s not looking for a new man. “Part of me just wants to be alone,” she admitted recently.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz