bradley cooper james lipton Bradley Cooper: 'I was having sex with Michael Ian Black in a sports shed'; just another day 'Inside the Actors Studio'Bradley Cooper missed his graduation from the Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University because he was “having sex with Michael Ian Black in a sports shed.” Or so the “Hangover”/”Hangover 2″/”Limitless” actor tells James Lipton in a new “Inside the Actors Studio” set to air on Monday (March 14).

Of course, there’s more to the story. That shed was on a movie set where Cooper was filming “Wet Hot American Summer.” He talks about that and more in what Bravo describes as an “incredibly emotional” interview.

On that “Wet Hot American Summer” experience:

James Lipton: Tonight is an opportunity to fill in some blanks at long last. Ten years ago as Dean, I was handing out diplomas and I noticed you were missing from your graduation ceremony. Where were you?

Bradley Cooper: I was having sex with Michael Ian Black in a sports shed in Wet Hot American Summer.

James Lipton: Hasn’t your gay sex scene become kind of an Internet favorite?

Bradley Cooper: At my household, yes.

On his “Wedding Crashers” character, the sociopath Sack Lodge:

James Lipton: In the Elephant Man at our school, on “Alias” and television, Bradley was what the audience thinks of as a dramatic actor. Then, along came a movie called Wedding Crashers. And a “brand new” Bradley Cooper was born. Or was it a brand new Bradley?

Bradley Cooper: That’s the crazy thing about this business. On “Alias,” I played the nicest guy in the world and then I would try to audition for movies after that and the feedback was like “Wow, Bradley’s such a nice guy,” “Yeah, I don’t really see him in that part,” and after Wedding Crashers, “Bradley? Yeah, he’s an a**hole.”

“Inside the Actors Studio” airs Monday, March 14 at 7 p.m. ET on Bravo.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson