bradley whitford brad whitford Bradley Whitford: 'I owe the Aerosmith guy a little over $500'The Internet Movie Database is a popular and convenient information source for film buffs, but sometimes errors creep in.

Just ask Emmy-winner Bradley Whitford (“The West Wing”) who stars in the upcoming FOX action dramedy “The Good Guys” and was in “Adventures in Babysitting,” “Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise” and “Billy Madison.”

He never, however, was in “Wayne’s World 2,” as the IMDB indicated at one point. No, that was another Brad Whitford.

]]>Brad Whitford, and I have been trying to reach out to him, because my rent in New York used to be $328 a month many years ago and I got a residual check for a little over $500 to Brad Whitford,” Whitford tells Zap2it. “And I cashed it. So I owe the guy in Aerosmith a little over $500.” IMDB is right, though, that Whitford wishes he had started studying dance when he was a kid. “Yeah, that is true, strangely enough,” Whitford says. “I started doing a bunch of dance in college and graduate school, and I loved it. But of course by the time you’re 19, it’s really too late [to consider a professional dance career]. But yeah, man, I’ll strap on the tights!”
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Posted by:John Crook