Marcia and Jan Brady are still battling. Someone call their peacemaker parents, Carol and Michael! 
The feud between “Brady Bunch” stars Maureen McCormick and Eve Plumb allegedly caused the cancellation of a “Brady” reunion spot on a top TV morning show this week. 
Maybe they should all watch their “It’s Time to Change” clip above. What’s the reason for the rancor?

]]>According to Radaronline, all the “Brady” actors who played the kids were skedded to appear. But when Maureen and Eve found out they were going to be on the same show (Hello, that’s why they call it a reunion?), they were not happy.

“Everyone tells a slightly different story of what happened,” the source said. “But the bottom line is that they didn’t want to be on the same show and the appearance was canceled because of it.
Eve has reportedly been furious at Maureen since Maureen’s book implied that there was a lesbian relationship, when, she says, there wasn’t. That wasn’t the only thing her book revealed: cocaine, sex with her TV brother, Michael Jackson, trading sex for drugs
“But really the problems between them go back decades,” said the Radaronline source “They’ve never liked each other.”
Don’t expect a “Brady Bunch” reunion in this lifetime. 
I guess we can live without it. Can you? 
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