brandi glanville darin harv Brandi Glanville, Darin Harvey wed in Las Vegas over New Year's
“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Brandi Glanville had quite the raucous New Year’s Eve weekend in Las Vegas with pal Darin Harvey, it appears. It all played out on Twitter.

Brandi tweets:

  • Getting married @darinharvey !!!
  • @darinharvey don’t worry I think we can get it annauld! If not I will take the ferrari! Luvu 🙂
  • @darinharvey we shud try to stay married for !a bit!I’m a good jew I promise
  • @darinharvey yes we r man and wife! No pre nup d!
  • Having dinner with my husband! I yi yi! What did we do @darinharvey
  • Follow my new husband! @darinharvey. Getting my ring tomorrow! Yes I did really do it!
  • @ElloBaby75 I got married to my best friend.
  • Yes, I’m married get over it!
  • My new husband is @darinharvey he is a great guy he manages MMA fighters his star is @RondaRoussey the best female MMA fighter on the planet
  • It wasn’t planned and we will handle it, but good times!
  • I’m married again- suuuuuuck it!
  • Me and my hubby are off to spearment rhino,!! #honeymoonwithstrippersthebest
  • Going back to. Spearmint. Rhino, #godblessstrippers!
  • Its a new day & i’ve been reading all my replies & just wanna say I’m taking all ur comments seriously! Ringing in the new yr in Vegas w/ my … My gals & BFF of many yrs @darinharvey was SO much fun & we got carried away by getting married! I didn’t realize what we did wuld affect … Others so seriously! in my head I was just having fun w/ my best friend who I adore & has been there for me during all my tuff times!
  • I didnt mean to offend anyone! I beleive everyone shud be able to get married & maybe even embarass themselves in Vegas ;). This yr has been … Great for me in many ways! Im gr8ful for all the ppl I met thru RHOBV. Bare w/ me, Im gonna make mistakes, but I always learn from them! xob
  • @katiebr58 Its not legal! We were just having fun!
  • @AnnaleesHouse Plus it was just a ceremony people! Not legal no paperwork was done!

So – we guess they’re not really married because no paperwork was done? We aren’t really sure about all the legalities. But way to get yourself some (presumably desperately-needed) attention.

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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