noelle reno ladies of london bravo Bravo's 'Ladies of London': Meet Noelle RenoThis is the big leagues. This is London. Bravo’s “Ladies of London” have arrived and make no mistake, they aren’t housewives.

“Ladies of London” is Bravo’s newest docu-series, premiering Monday (June 2) and centered around a group of elite British socialites and American expats who mingle in the same social circles, but couldn’t be more different. 

These ladies don’t spend their days throwing dinner parties or flipping tables. Instead they can be best found catching up over tea or at the polo-fields. 

One of the ladies who knows the best of both worlds is American Noelle Reno. The fashion entrepreneur, TV correspondent and media darling took time out of her crazy schedule to answer some questions for Zap2it about her involvement with “Ladies of London,” dealing with the spotlight and looking good while jugging it all. 

Zap2it: How are the “Ladies of London” different from the “Real Housewives”?

Noelle Reno: Firstly,
we are at the heart of the most historic class society in the world. We
are truly in this social set. Secondly, I am not the only Lady of
London that is
self-made and running a business — Caprice is my stable mate in this
sense. We don’t come from money or lineage and we’ve made it on our own.
It’s a real triumphant message. Finally, we play on a global platform —
in our work, play and relationships.

What’s the biggest change you’ve seen in yourself since joining London society? Good question! My ability to communicate and connect with people from very different backgrounds.

What are the biggest differences between American and British women?

are immediately your best friends. Brits are immediately skeptical. American women quickly move on; British women stay with you for life.

Do you have a favorite British saying?
“Just get on with it.”

By the looks of things, you and your boyfriend Scot are constantly in
the press for one reason or the other. How do you cope with all the

have fabulously supportive British mates who support me no matter what
is in the press. That and my family is supportive. I only take it
personally when people
take a dig at the likes of my product or writing. Such as my blog for
the Huffington Post

You have your hand in so many business ventures and are also frequently
on television. What’s your trick to balancing it all?

try for sleep [she writes from her laptop at 2 a.m. on a Wednesday]. I
also believe in giving back to the community no matter how stressed or
tired I am. My mentoring
program really keeps me in a state of gratitude.

How did you get involved with “Ladies of London”?
you say, I’ve been in the British papers and society scene for a while —
I think I was one of the very first for the show to think about. It was
an interesting
opportunity for me to finally show who I really am.

What will we you see you go through in this first season?

A whole lot. HUGE relationship stuff, judgmental friends, intrusive press, personal career battles, and all the in between

For more Noelle, check out her tour of the historic Marylebone High Street neighborhood in Zap2it’s video clip below, and watch “Ladies of London” when it premieres Monday at 10 p.m. ET/PT. 

Posted by:Sarah Huggins