platinum hit kara dioguardi bravo Bravo's 'Platinum Hit': 'Ex Idol' judge Kara Dioguardi vs. the prying reporters

The very nature of the Winter TV Press Tour is that it’s a small community of television critics and writers, who report from cities all over America. They don’t often have a chance to actually physically interact with talent, so this is their chance to ask their questions live. 
So, this crew doesn’t take very kindly when talent refuses to answer their questions and disturbs that delicate balance.
Enter former “American Idol” judge Kara Dioguardi who was there to promote her new songwriting competition, “Platinum Hit,” airing on Bravo in the summer. But of course, the “Idol” questions were inevitable.
So, when one reporter had the bravery to ask about the details surrounding Dioguardi’s departure from “Idol,” the songwriter replies, “You know what, I am happy to address that with you privately. But today, I’m really here for ‘Platinum Hit’ and to celebrate that.”
Cue the boos. Yes, some reporters booed Dioguardi for refusing to answer the question. Then, the reporter said to her, “You’re here because of that show.”
Ruh roh. Apparently no one tells Dioguardi that “Idol” made her. 
“You know what, I have to answer that,” she says. “It was an incredible experience. It really was. But I’m here as a hit songwriter, and I’ve sold over 150-million albums. And that’s why I love this show, because it enables me to help young songwriters who — that is my passion in life — be able to reach the market and have success.”
We’re sure other reporters abandoned their “Idol” questions after that.
Should Dioguardi should have just talked about her “Idol” experience? After all, some of these reporters have come a long way. Don’t they deserve to get their questions answered?
Posted by:Jethro Nededog