braxton family values premiere zap2it 'Braxton Family Values': Toni Braxton and her sisters give us a taste of the drama

After several months of waiting, “Braxton Family Values” is finally here and premiering Tuesday (April 12) at 9 p.m. ET on WE. 
Obviously, singer Toni Braxton is the name that sells the show, but when we met up with the sisters and their mother, Evelyn, we figured out quickly that her sisters are no wallflowers.
“There’s times they have their little spats,” Evelyn tells Zap2it. “And are a little difficult. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, they are together, because they are each other’s best friends.”
“I think when you’re a family when you fuss and fight,” Toni adds. “You still have to get together. On other reality shows, they aren’t necessarily family. So, with us, we’re forced to work through it.”
And when we asked the women to tell us something about the person sitting next to them, we got a little taste of the “fuss” they’re capable of.
Toni is no stranger to drama. She rose to fame in the nineties with her trademark deep soulful voice, selling more than 40-million records. Since then, she’s made a lot of headlines outside of her hit songs. There are two bankruptcies, several health struggles, and a very public divorce with musician Keri Lewis of the group, Mint Condition.
With this reality show, Toni and her sisters hope viewers can relate to them.
“For me, I’m using this as a platform to let a lot of women, single moms, women who are getting a divorce, artists who are going through the same things that I’m going through,” Toni says. “That we’re all in this together and my life could be a testimony.”
“There is a Braxton girl in everybody,” adds youngest sister, Tamar.
Watch our rambunctious interview below:

Which Braxton girl are you?
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