braylon edwards 49ers Braylon Edwards keeps promise: Hands out over $79,000 in scholarship moneySan Francisco 49-er Braylon Edwards has been benched for several games this season, but off the field, he’s had a spectacular year — at least, when it comes to charity. In 2005, when he was a rookie, 23-year-old Edwards promised 100 Cleveland students (who were, at the time, in 8th grade) that he would give them each $10,000 for college if they met academic and community service standards.

In other words, he promised $1 million to the students all together, provided they keep their grades up and make sure to give back with 15 hours of community service.

Out of that 100 students, 79 fulfilled their promise — with Edwards’ help. Throughout their high school years, he stayed involved, even after he left the Cleveland Browns. He paid for laptops, books, and school supplies to make sure the kids had the opportunity to stay on track. He also visited the kids to keep them inspired.

This year, Edwards is keeping up his end of the bargain, and handing out partial scholarships to students heading to Bowling Green State, Kent University, and Johns Hopkins, among other schools — including Ivy Leagues. “To hear of the Harvards, the Cornells, it didn’t surprise me. These kids, they’re well-deserving,” Edwards says.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie