michaelemerson lost 290 Break out your Dharma pitch pipes: The 'Lost' musical returns this weekWriting about “Lost” multiple times a week for over two years forces me to keep reinventing what this blog should be. After all, if it’s going to be interesting for you, it has to be interesting for me. If I only wrote in one style, or only in one tone, or only about one general area of the show, then not only would I have run out of topics a long time ago, but I’d look at each upcoming entry as an obstacle to overcome versus an opportunity to embrace.

There’s no one set of rules for blogging, whether it be about “Lost” or any of the millions of other topics about which people spend their time putting thought to pixels. I’d classify my approach as “critical celebration,” with an emphasis on the latter but involving the former lest I turn into a simple cheerleader for the show. And trust me: I do NOT look good when brandishing pom-poms. And yes, you’re very welcome for the imagery.

I’m proud of many of the series here that I feel are unique in the “Lost” blogging universe, whether it be the “Light vs. Dark” series, the “Six in Six” series, or the mammoth “We Have to Go Back” gallery. But I’m equally, if not more, proud of a certain endeavor started last winter and only now seeing another edition. I’m talking about our very own “Lost” musical, “South by South Pacific.”

For those of you that don’t remember, “Pacific” was an attempt to tell the story of “Lost” through familiar characters and familiar pop songs, rewritten to fit both the narrative of the show and the personality of the cast. Here’s a handy link to the first four acts.

Act 1
Act 2
Act 3
Act 4

I didn’t create these on my own: many of the song ideas and lyrics were produced in collaboration with my wife, Diana. A lot of what you like in those first four acts probably came from her brain. And once again, Act V was done in tandem with her. Is it the best one so far? I’d like to think so. We’ve got ’70s arena rock, 21st-century funk, ’90s hip-hop and more: It’s an eclectic, toe-tapping, donkey wheel-turning collection of goodies.

And it drops tomorrow. It’s taken us about three weeks to identify the songs, structure the act, rewrite the lyrics, and then provide connective dialogue to encompass all of the head-spinning twists that Season 5 provided. We hope you enjoy the result.

So prediction time: what songs do you think we chose for the act? There are ten in total. Leave your guesses below!

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