breaking amish 'Breaking Amish': Is hell the price to pay for jeans and cell phones?“Breaking Amish” may take its title from AMC’s “Breaking Bad,” but the cast of TLC’s new documentary series aren’t cooking meth or poisoning children.

But by turning their backs on their communities and customs — including religious dress, head coverings, horse and buggies and the simple life — these young people and their families believe they risk eternal damnation.

“They’ll tell you you’re going to go to hell and worry about your eternal soul,” says 25-year-old Sabrina about her decision to explore a new life in New York City.

In nine one-hour episodes, “Breaking Amish” documents many “firsts” for its castmembers, including “flying in a plane and wearing jeans to using a cell phone and electricity…Unlike Rumspringa, these young men and women get serious about the possibility of committing to careers, life, and options for living indefinitely on the outside.”

Producers Eric and Shannon Evangelista, however, insist theirs is a more “authentic” show than other iterations like “Amish in the City” and “Amish: Out of Order.” Working with Amish producers ensured that “it’s accurate and brings us deeper inside the subculture, [offering] explosive, dramatic access into a world not many people know about.”

“Breaking Amish” is still filming, and the castmembers have not yet made a “final decision” whether to return to their communities or risk exile and shunning from their church. Meanwhile, Kate, 21, a bishop’s daughter, is “pursuing modeling” while Sabrina is working at a Puerto Rican restaurant. Another Amish woman and two men round out the cast.

“Breaking Amish” premieres Sept. 9 on TLC. Check out the trailer (including a hilarious ATM scene) below!

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