breaking amish vonda trees red dress 'Breaking Amish' Season 3 episode 2: New York, New York

This week’s (Sept. 25) “Breaking Amish” picks up shortly after the premiere left off, with the rest of the cast members making the break from Amish life before the group travels to New York City together. The show does a good job, as it did in the premiere, of handling the separation announcement to their families with some distance and a sense of respect. 

So much of the appeal in watching these young adults’ journey is that everything has an organic feel to it as much as possible. If the cameras are needlessly intrusive before they make the break, the facade of the process being as much up to them as possible would be broken immediately. 
This episode focuses more on the people who have larger breaks to make and more people to leave behind. Matt saying goodbye to his wife was the easiest to watch as it is the relationship out of all them with both parties already drifting away. Matt is the one with the most to gain by leaving and leveraging his talent with music into a career, and it is already clear that once out of the community for a while his wife will be the farthest thing from his mind. 
Miriam’s goodbye to her son was sweet, yet another relationship that is already only tangentially attached to the community at this point. She leaves her son in good hands and has a concrete goal to achieve before coming back to get him, so her farewell moment doesn’t tug at the heart strings as much as Vonda’s interaction with her parents. 
Vonda turning her microphone off was the clear indicator that breaking the news to her parents had grown so emotional it was too much for the show to reveal the exchange. After only two episodes her story is the most compelling as she seems the only one besides Matt who is thoroughly committed to not only leaving the community for a period of time but considering staying in New York or another major city in some capacity as well. 
The interaction between genders is the most intriguing through line to watch in this group, as some of them know others from previous English or inter-community experiences and have pre-conceived notions of their personalities. Matt and Blake speaking “man-to-man” upon arriving at the train station, combined with the acknowledgement of their previous behavior with and around women, makes them look vaguely misogynistic around the three girls. But once on the train, their willingness to leave the girls in privacy rather then make them uncomfortable by sleeping in the same room added another layer to their personalities. 
Members of the group knowing each other is already sowing the seeds of drama, and from the looks of things it will only be a matter of time before one of them slips up and is in danger of betraying their significant others back home. Now that the group is settled in Brooklyn their exploration of the city, and their feelings about their new environment, can begin in earnest and decisions to stay or return home can begin to form. 
Posted by:Whitney McIntosh