anna gunn feb 2012 gi 'Breaking Bad': Anna Gunn calls Emmy nod 'mind blowing'For Anna Gunn, the fourth time proved to be the charm this morning as the actress picked up her first Emmy nod as outstanding supporting actress in a drama series for her work as Skyler White on “Breaking Bad.”

Gunn says she was in bed but already awake when the phone call came shortly after 5:30 a.m.

“Probably my subconscious knew what time it was, and my 5-year-old had crawled into bed and was sleeping, so I thought, ‘Well, if the phone rings, it does, and if it doesn’t, it doesn’t,’ ” she tells Zap2It. “I was enjoying the quiet of the morning and when the phone started ringing. I answered [in a whisper] because I didn’t want to wake anybody else up, but then I started making so much noise in the living room that I work both my daughters up. They came out and we started dancing.”

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Gunn says she obviously knew the phone call was probably good news, but it still took a couple of minutes for the news to sink in after not receiving a nomination for the first three seasons.

“I think this year, because Skyler had gotten so much more complex and had so much more going on, that there was a lot more talk going on,” Gunn says. “You’re just aware of that as an actress. … But it’s mind-blowing to me that I am being mentioned in the same breath as Maggie Smith. I can’t believe it. She’s one of my favorite actors of all time. It’s just … wow!”

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Gunn says TV spouse and fellow nominee Bryan Cranston called to congratulate her shortly after her nomination was announced, and she received a funny voice mail from nominated castmate Aaron Paul.

“Since Season 1, Aaron always has referred to me by my full name, so his message was mostly him screaming, ‘Anna Gunn! Anna Gunn! ‘ over and over again,” she says, laughing.

Gunn and her colleagues have been enjoying a nice streak of late, including last weekend’s trip to Comic-Con.

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“We had such an overwhelming reception there,” she says. “It was just extraordinary to walk out to 4,000-plus fans who were screaming and we all said that was about as close to rock stars as any of us will ever feel. The whole weekend was just a great ride, and the [season] premiere was amazing and the ratings were so great. It’s just been a wonderful week for the show.

“I’m trying not to think about what’s coming in terms of the end [of the series] because it does make me melancholy. We’re all just trying to live in the moment and savor and relish every minute of it, because it’s so good and it doesn’t always come around and we all just feel very lucky.”

Posted by:John Crook