aaron paul anna gunn jonathan banks breaking bad s5 'Breaking Bad' at Comic Con 2012: Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn and Jonathan Banks on where things stand“Breaking Bad” made its first trip to Comic-Con this weekend, and after a rousing panel in Ballroom 20 on Friday, the cast spent some time giving press interviews on Saturday (July 14).

The show begins its fifth season on Sunday with Walt (Bryan Cranston) basking in the triumph of having killed Gus Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) — but the rest of the characters aren’t feeling quite as at ease as he is.

Zap2it talked with Aaron Paul (Jesse), Anna Gunn (Skyler) and Jonathan Banks (Mike) about where their characters stand as the season opens.

Pics: Overheard at Comic-Con 2012

Anna Gunn on Skyler’s feelings toward Walt: “This is not a man she recognizes at all. She doesn’t know who he is and what he’s capable of. It’s like being in the house with a wild animal all of a sudden who’s been let out of a cage. I don’t want to necessarily move, I don’t want to make any sudden anything. … She’s terrified of him.”

Aaron Paul on how Gus’s death affects Jesse: “Jesse realizes well [Gus is] not the one who was behind the poisoning of Brock. Did he deserve to die still? He was still feeling a little guilty. I don’t think he was looking at Walt as thank you for saving our lives. This season he sees that it isn’t just about money for Walter White, there’s something else driving him through this madness. He gets a little terrified of him at a certain point.”

Paul on Jesse’s motivation: “Friendship, father, a connection, a partnership. He loves just having someone next to him. He doesn’t really have anybody. He’s alone. The people he does have, Andrea and Brock, that’s just somebody he can take of, that makes him feel good. But he also wants someone to take care of him.”

Jonathan Banks on Mike’s past: “With what Mike is, one of the things I like about Mike is there’s a tragic tragic backstory about who this guy is. It’s obvious he has some morality somewhere. When I dropped my little girl off before I shot all the guys in the warehouse [in the Season 3 finale], my granddaughter, I said to [creator] Vince [Gilligan], ‘I say to her, “Run to your mother.”‘ I said, ‘That may be her mother, but it’s not my daughter.’ My mind, my backstory, it may never appear, some of my tragedy has to do with who my son was or is. I’ve said that to Vince. Vince controls who we all are. As brilliant as those writers are, they take their direction and go. They’re going to create where we’re going.”

Gunn on Skyler losing control of her situation: “Last season, there was so much of her trying to keep control of an uncontrollable situation, trying to make sense of something that makes absolutely no sense. She just kept trying and trying and trying and feeling she had done it at times. [She] thought she had done the right thing by taking care of the situation with Ted, I’ll give him the money, everything will be OK, and then she comes upon Walt down there laughing maniacally and thinks, ‘Oh my God — now we’re in a deeper pit than ever before.’

“I think she now literally is — there’s a feeling of being a hostage, there’s a feeling of being trapped, against the wall, in the corner that is for her so horrible because she’s always been an active person, trying to pragmatically take the next step and do the right thing and do the next thing, and if we do this will we finally be able to get out. … Now I think there’s a sense, now that she can’t move those emotional kind of cards she’s always holding close to her vest, because it was her way of keeping herself together — there’s no way of keeping herself together anymore. And it just starts to slit open and crack open.”

Banks on Mike’s extreme competence: “I don’t ever think of Mike as being impotent. There’s always a way out — even if you shoot your way out, there’s a way out.”

“Breaking Bad” premieres at 10 p.m. ET Sunday on AMC.

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