breaking bad negotiations 'Breaking Bad': Could Season 5 move off AMC?The answer to the question in the headline is, probably not. But it’s also not a certainty that a fifth season of the show will stay in its current home.

AMC, which airs “Breaking Bad,” and Sony, which produces it, are negotiating terms for a fifth season of the Emmy-winning series, and talks have apparently become strained. So strained that according to the Los Angeles Times, Sony even approached three other cable networks about possibly airing Season 5 of the show if it should come to that. (The other channels weren’t named.)

The big sticking point, the Times says, is AMC’s interest in cutting the number of episodes in the fifth season, from 13 to “six to eight.” That was a non-starter for the show, which has aired 13-episode seasons every year since its first.

AMC is not a stranger to prolonged negotiations over its original series. The multi-year deal that secured Seasons 5 and 6 of “Mad Men” came after months of talks that eventually pushed the show’s premiere date from this summer to early 2012.

Despite the current hiccup, it’s likely that “Breaking Bad” will remain on AMC for its fifth, and potentially last, season. Creator Vince Gilligan told Zap2it at the show’s Season 4 premiere in late June that “If you ask me right this minute, I’d say [Season] 5 would be a good end point, but if you ask me a year from now maybe I’ll change my tune.”

The show continues its fourth season at 10 p.m. ET Sunday on AMC.

Posted by:Rick Porter