hank bathroom breaking bad 'Breaking Bad' episode 509: 4 things to watch for in 'Blood Money'It’s almost here. “Breaking Bad” returns to AMC Sunday (Aug. 11) with the first of its final eight episodes, leading viewers to the series finale in the fall. There is still a lot of ground to cover between now and then, though, and Sunday’s episode, “Blood Money,” sets the table for a lot of it.

We’re not venturing into spoiler territory there — look for a full discussion of the episode on Zap2it after it airs Sunday night. But here are a few things you can expect to see in “Blood Money.”

Hank’s reaction: “Breaking Bad” ended the first half of Season 5 with Hank (Dean Norris) in Walt’s (Bryan Cranston) bathroom, looking for a little light reading. What he found was a damning piece of evidence that could pretty well prove that Walt is Heisenberg, the meth cooker he’s been chasing for nearly the entire series. Sunday’s episode follows up immediately after that scene, and Norris turns in an incredible performance as he takes Hank through a wide, deep swath of emotions as the revelation seeps in.

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Skyler White, protector: As the series has gone on, Walt has had less and less trouble justifying and rationalizing his actions. So it is with his exit from the business — he’s pretty convinced he’s put it behind him. Skyler (Anna Gunn), meanwhile, seems a little less sure, as Gunn told Zap2it in a recent interview. When that old life threatens to squeeze its way back into the picture, Skyler steps up, quickly and fiercely.

Jesse under the table: One of the brief teasers AMC released in July featured Jesse (Aaron Paul) lying under a dirty glass coffee table, semi-catatonic, as a roach skittered across the surface. That’s a pretty representative image for where Jesse is in “Blood Money”: He has long been the emotional center of the series, and his reaction to the status quo is pretty much the opposite of Walt’s.

“Trek” talk: It’s hardly essential to the story in “Blood Money,” but you have to watch Badger (Matt Jones) and Skinny Pete (Charles Baker) talk about “Star Trek” midway through the episode.

“Breaking Bad” returns to AMC at 9 p.m. ET Sunday.

Posted by:Rick Porter