breaking bad s3 finale 'Breaking Bad' finale preview: Walt has officially brokenSeason 3 of “Breaking Bad” has been about Walter White, the high school teacher-turned-meth kingpin, really going over to the darker side of what he does ostensibly to provide for his family. Walt (Bryan Cranston) isn’t “Breaking” so much anymore as he’s pretty well broken.

“I think if you look back on the decisions, [Season 1] was the decision that was made in haste,” Cranston says. “Season 2 was the ramifications of that decision, the penalties you pay on a human level. And I think the theme for Season 3 has been … facing the mirror and really accepting who you are.

“From my end of it, Walt is capable of doing this. He is able to see himself as a bad guy, ultimately, and he is capable of doing some things he never thought he was before. … And where we go, we don’t really know. It’s the most unusual experience I’ve had because these characters are transforming before our eyes.”

Series creator Vince Gilligan has much the same feeling about the finale: “I think the takeaway — I love the way [Cranston] worded it — really is perhaps that the last episode of this season really is about what is perhaps a final loss of innocence.”

In the scene from the finale below, Walt has an incredibly tense meeting with Gus Fring’s (Giancarlo Esposito) right-hand man, Mike (Jonathan Banks). “Breaking Bad” does silence better than just about any other show on TV now, and watching Walt wait for his meeeting had us leaning forward in anticipation — so much so that we jumped when his phone finally rings.

The season finale of “Breaking Bad” airs at 10 p.m. ET Sunday (June 13) on AMC. It will be followed by a sneak preview of the pilot for the cable channel’s new series “Rubicon,” which premieres in August.

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credit: AMC

Posted by:Rick Porter