We have one bone to pick with the first official teaser for Season 4 of “Breaking Bad” — it’s the voiceover tagline.

“This time,” the announcer intones, “Walt is not in danger. He is the danger.” It’s catchy, but it also sounds a little bit like something from a B-grade action movie, and we all know that “Breaking Bad” is a heck of a lot more than that.

The rest of the 30-second teaser, though, is really good stuff, featuring an emboldened (or reckless, take your pick) Walter White (Byran Cranston) apparently entertaining thoughts of knocking off Gus (Giancarlo Esposito) and once again taking Jesse (Aaron Paul) along for the ride.

AMC has also posted photos from Season 4. You can see them all at AMCtv.com, but three of our favorites are below, starting with the cast photo:

breaking bad s4 cast 'Breaking Bad': First Season 4 trailer, photosThe next two both feature Walt, Jesse and Gus in the lab — at least we’re assuming those are Gus’ feet in the first shot. It also appears that production of Walt’s special blue meth continues apace.

breaking bad s4 lab 'Breaking Bad': First Season 4 trailer, photosbreaking bad s4 gus 'Breaking Bad': First Season 4 trailer, photos“Breaking Bad” begins Season 4 on July 17.

Posted by:Rick Porter