breaking bad season 5 walt upside down 'Breaking Bad': First Season 5 pics turn Walt upside downThe first photos from Season 5 of “Breaking Bad” have been released, and after the events of last season it seems Walter White doesn’t know which way is up.

The image up above is from episode two of the new season. Walt (Bryan Cranston) has the bandage off his nose, but it’s not completely healed. He’s also still doing some kind of chemistry experiment, though with the Superlab blown to even more bits than Gus Fring, his work at this point seems to be on a much smaller scale.

AMC has also released a single image from the July 15 season premiere, showing Walt and Jesse (Aaron Paul) standing in a wide-open space (surveying the lab’s ruins, maybe?). Take a look:

breaking bad season 5 pic walt jesse 'Breaking Bad': First Season 5 pics turn Walt upside downJesse doesn’t yet know what Walt did to Brock, obviously, so we’re guessing this scene will be much more cordial than ones later in the season.

A new promo for “Breaking Bad” also hit the web Sunday night (June 17) — there’s no new footage this time, but it shows Gus’ death once more and uses the tagline “The king is dead … all hail the king” as Walt puts on his Heisenberg hat and tells us once again that he is the danger.

“Breaking Bad” returns to AMC on Sunday, July 15.

Posted by:Rick Porter