breaking bad jesse 'Breaking Bad': Jesse cooks up a new planJesse has begun to chafe under the thumb of the economic model under which he’s operating, both with Gus reaping the lion’s share of profits for the meth he’s cooking, and with Saul suggesting he launder his money through a shady day-spa (“So I’ll have to pay taxes?”).

Jesse’s solution makes perfect sense if you follow his trajectory towards dangerous wild-card territory: he’s going to skim meth off the top of his and Walt’s batches, then use Badger and Skinny to sell it to his rehab group. There is literally no way this can go wrong.

Walt also has a conversation with Gus in which he reveals he knows that Gus set Hank’s shooting in motion, and was the mystery caller. Walt also says it’s exactly what he would have done in the same situation. And after disparaging Jesse’s economic discontent as mere whining, Walt is nevertheless inspired to use this knowledge as leverage to squeeze a better deal out of Gus: $15 million, open-ended. You’d think Walt would be happy about this, rather than moved to drive 90 mph down the highway, drift into the other lane, and very nearly speed headfirst into a semi. And yet …

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