breaking bad half measures 'Breaking Bad': Jesse relapses; Walt pulls the triggerSkyler’s been wiki-reading up on money laundering, so she tells Walt she’s ready to take point on the car wash; Walt balks until he can leverage it for some quality family time. And Marie gets Hank to agree to leave the hospital by getting his nerve-damaged nether regions to spot wood. There, now on to the INSANE stuff.

Jesse has decided NO MAS with regard to dealers using kids to kill his friends. He tells Walt he intends to assassinate the pair who ordered Tomas to kill Combo (via a sophisticated plan involving ricin and a motel meth whore). But since the two dealers are, not surprisingly, under the Pollos umbrella, Walt thinks it’s a terrible idea. Not to mention that Jesse, for all his faults, is not a killer. Walt won’t support it.

Speaking of terrible ideas, Walt goes to Saul and devises a plan to keep Jesse from messing things up for everybody by getting him tossed into jail (not jail-jail, apparently; nice jail). Fixer Mike gets wind of this and pays Walt a visit to let him know just how monumentally stupid that idea is. He also lets him know he’s in Gus’s employ, not Saul’s. Mike also tells a story of his old days as a cop, when he almost killed a scumbag wife-beater who then went on to kill said wife, and how he’s regretful he never pulled the trigger on the SOB.

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