bryan cranston breaking bad 'Breaking Bad' recap: Along Came a SpiderOHGOD!

Okay, so after a particularly oblique cold-open where a little kid finds a tarantula in the desert and we’re left to wonder how many of the principal characters will be murdered by that spider by the end of the series, we get back to the matters of the day: dealing with Lydia’s methylamine trackers. Walt first takes advantage of Hank’s friendship to plant bugs in Hank’s office, and then the Trio kidnaps Lydia and forces her to make a call reporting the bug to Hank, so that when he follows up the phone call, they can know for sure that the police didn’t plant the tracker. Which at first seems to be the case — the D.E.A. didn’t plant the trackers. The F.B.I. did. So Lydia’s life is spared, but they’re still out of methylamine. It’s Lydia who actually presents a solution: rob the freight train with a tanker full of the stuff. This would prove to be exceedingly difficult and dangerous, not to mention they’d have to kill the two conductors in order to have no witnesses.

So Jesse comes up with his second masterstroke idea of the season: stop the train with a disabled vehicle, then drain the methylamine tanker from below while replacing what they take with water, so that when the tank is weighed, it won’t show any signs of trouble and thus no one will know there was even a heist. The three men enlist the help of Landry from the exterminator business, and Jesse stresses how serious it would be if they got caught for lifting this much methylamine.

The heist itself is predictably tense, and there’s a close scrape at the end, but Walt, Jesse, and Landry manage to pull it off. And there is much rejoicing … until the kid with the tarantula from the cold open is suddenly watching them. How much has he seen? We’ll never know, as Landry impulsively pulls out his gun and shoots the kid down. No witnesses. Holy ****.

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