bryan cranston breaking bad 'Breaking Bad' recap: Box CutterYou guys! I had just gotten to the point where I was remembering Victor’s name without having to look it up! But let’s not get ahead…

So Jesse definitely killed Gale — shot him right underneath the eye — but he doesn’t so much flee the scene, so when Victor gets there, he hauls Jesse into the lab, with Walter and Mike. And there the four of them sit, waiting for Gus, who everybody expects is going to be ****ing PISSED. When Walter starts spouting off about how Gus is going to have to keep him alive because now he’s the only one who knows how to cook the blue stuff, Victor springs into action, starting up the next batch. Seems someone was paying attention while he lurked around for half of Season 3.

Meanwhile, Skyler discovers Walt’s Aztec in the driveway the next morning (she drives it three blocks away so Flynn Junior doesn’t notice), which sets her on a snooping mission. She scams a locksmith in order to gain access to Walt’s condo, where she’s properly creeped out by that glass eyeball.

Saul’s about as paranoid as you can get, and that’s before he finds out that Walt didn’t come home last night.

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