bryan cranston breaking bad 'Breaking Bad' recap: BugHank checks the tracker he put on Gus’s car, which only shows a week’s worth of trips from home to work and back again. But he’s dogged, so he Google-fu’s the location of the Pollos “main distribution center,” a.k.a. the chicken farm. Walt tips Mike off about this, so Mike and Jesse get to scrubbing the warehouse clean. Afterwards, there’s a shootout in front of the farm, killing one anonymous redshirt and giving Mike the opportunity to save Jesse’s life. Gus also goes all “King Kong ain’t got **** on me!” as he strides out towards the unseen sniper with his arms outstretched, daring him to kill him. The sniper declines.

After making Walter help dispose of the redshirt’s corpse, Mike sets up a meeting between Gus and Jesse at Gus’s house. Jesse considers dosing the stew with ricin but decides the communal pot of food they’ll both be dining from isn’t the best place for poison. Gus then asks Jesse if he can cook the blue stuff without Walter. Not so Gus can kill Walt, like Jesse’s thinking (Jesse emphatically says that killing Walter means Gus will have to kill him too), but so Jesse can go to Mexico and train others to cook the blue stuff too, which appears to be a condition of the cartel’s in order to stop the war.

Jesse calls Walt over to tell him about this, only in the meantime, Walt had placed a tracker of his own on Jesse’s car, only to discover Jesse’s meeting with Gus. So when Jesse lies and says Mike was the one who approached him about Mexico, Walt busts him. He berates Jesse for not having the guts to kill Gus, and Jesse figures out Walt bugged his car. The trust, she is gone. Walt tells Jesse to go ahead to Mexico and screw up “like I know you will” and wind up in a barrel somewhere. At this, Jesse throws the tracker at Walt and nails him in the eyebrow. FIGHT! The two men brawl, busting up Jesse’s newly rehabilitated home (Jesse’s house is the Aztek of this season). Jesse ultimately comes out on top, but it’s their seasons-long, complicated, not always healthy relationship that’s the true casualty. Jesse never wants to see Walt again.

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